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Veterinary referral

Under the Veterinary Surgeons (Exemptions) Order 2015, rehabilitative veterinary physiotherapy may only be carried out under referral by a veterinary surgeon. Musculoskeletal maintenance for healthy animals does not require veterinary surgeon referral; although the animal should still be registered with a veterinary surgeon. In the event of potential disease, injury or pathology, treatment should cease and the animal referred back to the veterinary surgeon.

Therefore, if your horse or dog requires any rehab treatment for a past or current injury or condition, referral or consent from the veterinary surgeon is required, but if your animal is healthy with no underlying conditions, vet consent is not required prior to veterinary physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

However, I will be making your veterinary surgeon aware prior to commencing maintenance treatment.

Please complete the veterinary consent and referral from and email back to
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