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Before your appointment

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If you would like to book in a veterinary physiotherapy appointment for your animal, please contact me via email, phone, text or direct message on social media with the following information:


  • A few details about your animal and why you would like them to receive physiotherapy treatment

  • Your registered vets including practice name, primary (most recent) veterinary surgeon , your animals registered name and the name of the person they are registered under (this must be the owner - if you are organising the appointment on behalf of the owner please ensure the owner completes the referral and client intake forms) 

  • Whether the veterinary physiotherapy treatment is for rehabilitative purposes following a diagnosis and/or treatment of a condition or injury or whether the veterinary physiotherapy treatment is for maintenance for working dogs or performance horses. 

  • If your animal has a pre-existing injury and/or condition that requires veterinary referral and consent

  • Your location to ensure you are in my catchment area 

Required documents prior to your first appointment:

Veterinary referral and consent form 

If your animal requires veterinary physiotherapy treatment for past or current injury or condition, veterinary consent and referral is required prior to commencing with veterinary physiotherapy treatment (please see more info here). 

Please complete section A and B of the veterinary referral and consent form and email to and I will email your veterinary surgeon to complete section C of the consent form OR you can email the completed form directly to your veterinary surgeon. 

This is required by every client if your animal has a pre-existing condition or injury. If you are requesting veterinary physiotherapy treatment for maintenance, this form is not required.

Pre-existing medical conditions form

As part of veterinary physiotherapy treatment, a variety of electrotherapies are used, which can optimise the health and rehabilitation of a range of conditions. However, there are circumstances where these may be contraindicated. Please complete the pre-existing medical conditons form prior to your appointment and email to

This is required by every new client prior to veterinary physiotherapy treatment.   

Client information form

If your animal is receiving veterinary physiotherapy treatment for maintenance purposes and to assist with training for performance horses and working dogs, a client information form is required to be complete prior to your first session. 

Please complete the client information form and email to

This form is required for maintenance clients only. if you have completed the veterinary referral and consent form for rehabilitation purposes, this form is not required. 

On the day...


Before I arrive, please let me know how you would like me to introduce myself to your dog to ensure that the physiotherapy session is a positive experience, whether that be in the garden or welcomed at the door of your home. 

As the physiotherapy session is a relaxing and calming experience, please make sure that your house is quiet, with nothing else going on. I am happy for other dogs to be in the room if it makes your dog more comfortable but if your dog is overly excitable, it may be useful to keep other dogs in another room. 

Please make sure your dog is clean and dry if it is rainy weather and there is a nice and cool room for your dogs session if it is warm weather.

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Before I arrive, please make sure that your horse is in from the field, waiting for me in their stable and are clean, dry and mud free (a little bit of dust won't hurt!). This is so I am able to palpate your horse and give a comfortable and effective treatment. No horse wants dry mud rubbing across their skin! 

Please make sure there is a handler who is happy to walk and trot the horse for the dynamic assessment, required prior to each session. All new clients must be present at the first appointment to introduce themselves, discuss the history of the horse, goals and concerns, perform the dynamic assessment and to introduce myself to your horse as I am a stranger to them! 

I am happy to treat your horse where they are most comfortable, either in the stable, tied up outside or in a washbox. I am passionate that the physiotherapy session is a positive experience for the horse and so please make sure that any field mates are around if necessary and the environment is quiet (as it can be!) so that the horse does not have anything to worry about and can relax and enjoy the treatment to its full potential.

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