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Canine hydrotherapy 

Hydrotherapy is an essential part of a dogs rehabilitation journey. it provides a weightless environment, assists with gait re-education and increases muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness.

 Nicole has completed her Level 4 canine hydrotherapy and advanced treadmill techniques training at Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals and currently works at Therapaws Canine Rehabilitation Centre as a hydrotherapist and physiotherapist.

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Post-operative and conservative treatment 

Hydrotherapy can assist with the rehabilitation of both orthopaedic and neurological conditions following surgery as well as a form of conservative management to assist recovery, restore normal function, strengthen supportive musculature and improve quality of life.

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Weight loss management 

Hydrotherapy can become part of your dogs weight loss programme due to the increased muscular and cardiovascular effort required during swimming, whilst providing a weight-less environment. This is particularly important for dog with with arthritis as a form of low-impact exercise.

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Fitness and conditioning

Advanced hydrotherapy can be utilised as part of a fitness programme for working dogs including policing dogs, herding dogs, agility dogs and flyball dogs to strengthen musculature, improve balance and stability, reduce the risk of injury and as a result, improve performance.

Properties of water 

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